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Susan Gautsch

I serve as professor and program director at a large well-known university. I’ve taught all kinds of classes from Digital Media Production, IT Strategy & Operations, Strategic Innovation, and lately Human Behavior and Organizational Leadership. I’ve launched and directed several online graduate programs, served as faculty on a national leadership institute, been an advisor on several large grants and with many startups here in LA and up north. (RockingItNow! Is my fun side gig, so while I skip the details here, you can find me on the internet.)


I’ve also been a happy adventurer on MixProfessionals Meetup for 5-6yrs now where I’ve skied, snowboarded, hiked, mountain-biked and more with a bunch of really fun, interesting, bright and adventurous souls. I love it. Most of the time, I’m not quite the oldest, but I’m the second-oldest person on each trip (though I still ski faster than most of you, so there!) I share my age only because I’ve had a long career of leading teams, rolling out new initiatives and technologies, changing processes (aka moving everyone’s cheese), catalyzing big and sometimes disruptive change, reckoned with the oh-so-typical organizational inertia and resistance, and while I’ve had many successes, it’s fair to say, I’ve have had more setbacks. It’s just the nature of the beast, and I’ve made friends with failure. I’ve also launched a few new businesses -- some provide a consistent revenue stream that fund all my ski, surf, and other adventurous travels.


Now, I just want to share this stuff with fun, energetic, and purpose-driven people who want to make a difference in the world, maybe fix a few of the disasters my generation is leaving behind, and do so while also living fully now. Thus RockingItNow!


Thanks for being here right now.

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